The Pulse component of Compass is a central repository for knowledge and resources regarding CAD and CAD Standards. The Nexus component brings together a dynamic global community of CAD experts. The Synthesis Round Tables capitalize on these resources in the development of principles for best practices in the use of CAD.

All round table discussions are archived on the site in order to create a living document to help companies make informed decisions about the development of their standards.

Compass First Principles Round Table

The Compass First Principles provide a structured theoretical underpinning for the discussions that take place in The Compass Manual Beta Round Table. They are presented on the site as a series of propositions that are open to public debate and revision by a democratic process hosted by Compass in the Round Table forum.

The Compass Manual Beta Round Table

The Compass Manual breaks down CAD standards issues into topics such as layers (levels), plotting, directory and file naming, reference file structure and CAD file exchanging and archiving protocols. The focus of the Round Table discussions will be on implementation of these standards in commonly used software packages and issues of interoperability between different applications and versions of CAD.

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